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BRICS Law Journal - Volume 2 Issue 1

Artigos: Systematization of Law: The BRICS Context and Beyond (por Mikhail Antonov); Procedural and Substantive Judicial Review of the Right to Health in Brazil (por Ricardo Perlingeiro); A Comparison of the Class Action for Damages in the American Judicial System to the Brazilian Class Action: The Requirements of Admissibility (por Ada Pellegrini Grinover); Constitutional Transplant in the People's Republic of Chine: The ... Influence of the Soviet Model and Challenges in the Globalization Era (por Jizeng Fan)
Comentários: Wrongful Trading: Comparative Approach (England and Wales, Russia and the USA) (por Dmitry Konstantinov); Disclosure of Evidence in Cartel Litigations in the EU: Is Balance of Victim's Rights and Public Interests Possible? (por Natalya Mosunova)
Publicado no site em: 14 de setembro de 2015